SA / AVP, UX Engineer — Design Standards

What you'll be doing

You'll filter the many ideas of a large, jaunty, productive team to help us figure out which should get developed into prototypes. To choose effectively, you will have to ask the right difficult questions, such as: 'What problem are you trying to solve?' and 'How will we track and measure the effectiveness of this prototype?' or 'Have you thought about the technical trade-offs?'. Once we have our winners, you will inspire developers and stakeholders alike to invest in an innovative design.

Here's what your week might look like

  • As a cherished member of the Design Standards team, working to standardise products across six countries, you'll start and end your week with the DLS we are building.

  • The DLS work may take you to India, Taiwan or the other countries where many of our developers are stationed. You'll be our ambassador on the tech side, performing coding governance and making sure designers and developers are on the same page.

  • A DLS is as (or almost as) good as the tools that support it. Strict bank security policies and SAAS tools often don't go together, but we are making this work. For example, we've invested in implementing Abstract. And with you by our side, helping us choose the right tools, we'll be unstoppable!

  • You will spend time with our various teams understanding the products and projects they are rooting for and evaluating if or prototypes should be built. You will work especially closely with our wonderful research team.

  • It's important to us that we contribute to the wider design community (through events, articles, internships, etc.). We need to build and maintain a website to share ideas, and we hope you can help us with that. It's for designers, so we want all your crazy and beautiful ideas on how to make it special.

  • Before you know it, it will be Friday and time for team dinner, drinks or Creative Day (we do something fun and creative together once a month).

Here are the experience and skills we'd love you to have

  • Expertise in RWD, HTML5, CSS3 / SASS, and at least one modern JavaScript framework or library (Nodejs, Angular or React). A strong understanding of ES5/ES6, AWS services, RESTful API and Mean stack are a major plus

  • Intimate knowledge of browser quirks and best practices.

  • Experience in collaborating with designers on customer-centric projects and partnering with other engineers in launching large-scale products.

  • A bachelor’s degree in software engineering or a related technical field or equivalent project and portfolio experience.


  • You actively contribute to the UX and engineering communities.

  • You are a skilled orator and a great diplomat.

  • You have personal pet projects you work on for fun in your free time.

Your team and career

This role sits within the Design Standards team and is based in Singapore. The Design Standards team creates our design language system and defines and steers the way we design digital services at DBS. The team covers eight countries, Consumer and Corporate banking, and Middle Office Management group (internal tools). You will report to the head of Design Standards.

About DBS

DBS is a leading financial services group in Asia. We are headquartered in Singapore, with a growing presence in Greater China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.

We were named the Best Bank in the World by Global Finance in August 2018—the first Singapore and Asian bank to receive this honour.

We want our customers to Live more, Bank less and we want to make banking invisible. Every day, there’s a lot more to explore, experience and enjoy—and a lot less time to do it in. That’s why we’ve created banking that’s fast, natural, effortless. Banking that’s with you wherever life takes you, instead of taking you away from life. So you can enjoy a lot more life, with a lot less bank.

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