AVP/VP, Design Standard Designer — CBG

The Product Designers we really want to hire deliver real value to real users. In other words, they design stuff that gets built.

What You'll Be Doing

You will help scale the design systems across multiple products across multiple international markets enabling product teams at DBS scale high quality financial products. It may be an uphill battle, but it's worth it. If you succeed, your designs will be experienced by millions and solve real-life problems. We say that, if you can work in a bank, you can work anywhere. Don't worry, we're a nice bunch of people. Around here, we go out of our way to help one another.

Here's What Your Week Might Look Like

  • You’ll work closely with designers & collaborating with engineers and stakeholders to make sure we are heading in the right direction when it comes to design systems & standards.
  • You’ll be required to understand the overall landscape & context so that you can help product teams make the right decisions.
  • You’ll need to build relationships and collaborate with multiple teams. A lot of these product teams are building consumer facing products, but you’ll also need to know and understand how the design system is being utilised across B2B and enterprise products.
  • You will have to come up with solutions, process and maybe work with UXEngineers to build tools that make process, communication & governance of our design system.
  • We do respect the privacy of people with headphones-on, trying to avoid eye-contact. So you'll have the time to actually produce work you're proud of.
  • We want to hire people who have opinions, believe in their ideas and are willing to fight for them. But we also want people who can recognise when a better argument or solution is put before them. All of us participate in user testing, and so will you.
  • Like we said, producing good work is not good enough if it doesn't get built. We love you, Dribble/Behance. It's not you, it's us. You will meet stakeholders from different departments and articulate your ideas so clearly that you'll become an honorary Toastmaster.
  • To prepare for those meetings you'll need to check the latest relevant data.
  • Before you know it, it will be Friday and time for team dinner, drinks or Creative Day (we do something fun and creative together once a month).

Here Are The Experience and Skills We'd Love You To Have

  • You have high attention to detail and be able to avoid oversight.
  • You understand the needs to designers, engineers & know how to contextualise problems.
  • You have the ability to prioritise (you don't focus on illustrations if the UX looks like a love child between Frankenstein and Krusty the Clown).
  • You can work independently and drive outcomes. You have enough curiosity to stay savvy about industry and UX trends.
  • You have confidence in your ideas and the ability to communicate them clearly.
  • You follow through—when built, your designs actually look and work like they should.
  • You monitor products after launch and are ready to suggest improvements.

Bonus Points

  • You actively contribute to the UX community.
  • You're kind of a behavioural science geek.
  • You have personal pet projects you work on for fun in your free time.

Your Team and Career

You’ll be joining the Design Systems & Standards team at DBS Bank. The DLS Team is a team that runs parallel across all other digital products teams across the organisation and is responsible for helping build & scale high quality components, patterns & standards. The DLS Team is also responsible for innovating the way we work together and standardise tools & process along with designs across the board.

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