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Many happy hours
— pun intended

We put a lot of effort into hiring. So we end up with nice people we like to be around. Many of us are friends after hours (and during happy hours).

We also do more organised kind of fun. Creative days once a month:
a ceramics workshop, tea blending, theater-going, tai chi, to name a few.

And an offsite trip somewhere nice and abroad once a year.


We strongly support the career development of everyone on the team.
Here are a few things we do.


We have a budget for conferences and training.


We encourage new ideas, crazy experiments and failing.


If you are ready to be promoted, we will fight to make it happen.

It’s 6pm — go home

It’s 6pm! Go home. You have a life outside of work — friends, family, a pet? When we do stay late, it's because we choose to. Because we're all adults and know how to manage our own time.

Plus, no one can be productive and creative 12 hours a day, every day. So go home.


What I promise my team in 2020

2020 is going to be full on.

As the decade draws to a close, Design at DBS is stepping up. For the first time in our bank’s history, we’re moving up to Group level and tripling our portfolio. This means that on top of consumer banking, we’ll also design for institutional and enterprise banking. So there is work to be done and things will evolve. Before that, here are a few things I want to promise my team.

Space to breathe
Our team is getting bigger, the structure more complex, stakeholder expectations higher. But I promise to try my best to give us breathing space,to think and to work. No drama — just more good work.

Space to think big
Design no longer is a support role. Design is a differentiator. We are in a position to become the axis around which innovation happens. I want us to look at the big picture and help define the problem, not just solve it.

Never lose heart
Empathy is what makes a good designer. Empathy and heart are our biggest ‘weapons’. I promise that our team will never lose heart.

Life is short.
Focus on things that matter.
And be kind.

Chooake Wongwattanasilpa

Chief Design Officer

Who we hire

Product Designers

The Product Designers we really want to hire deliver real value to real users. In other words, they design stuff that gets built.

Content Designers

Our content designers create the content that helps people use our products. And they are obsessed with structure: each piece has to fit.

UX Engineers

It's about much more than delivering pixel-perfect CSS. We want a UX Engineer who will inspire developers and stakeholders to invest in new ideas.

UX Researchers

Our User Experience Researchers fear no one. A room full of directors, vice presidents or even real presidents? No problem! They stand up and speak up for what our customers need.

Design Producers

Design producers guide design teams to better ways of working through the right tools and processes. They know what the team needs before they themselves do. And they advocate in the organisation to make it happen.

Service Designers

You can tame giants, you know the importance of negative spaces and how to 'design the arrows'—the experiences between the touchpoints. You are a service designer.

Principal Designers

It's about much more than delivering pixel-perfect CSS. We want a UX Engineer who will inspire developers and stakeholders to invest in new ideas.

Conversation Designers

Conversation Designers teach bots how to communicate like humans do. Bot parenting requires a good sense of humour, good problem-solving and analytical skills.

Design Managers

You've been kicked out of the design studio. You can no longer hide behind headphones or wear flip flops to work. You stand alone. And yet you are the heart and soul of the team and everything they do.

QA Tester

You want to build great digital products, you love design and have an eagle-eye for detail. You are our QA tester!

Open roles — Singapore

VP, Design Lead
Consumer Banking Group - Group Design

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