AVP, UX Researcher — Institutional Banking Group

What you'll be doing

You will keep us on our toes. Remind us to look away from the comfort of our screens and back at the reality—where our customers live. You will keep asking, 'Why are we doing this again?'. And not be satisfied with the answer, 'If we build it, they will come.'

Here's what your week might look like

  • Not everything has to be tested. You will identify when research is required and when best practices are the way to go. And you will help us communicate that to our stakeholders.

  • You will do the groundwork: qualitative and quantitative research. We've done some interesting stuff: diary study (we got people to log all their payments and write about each), Ethnography (observe how small merchants are coping with digital payments) and others. In short, we love to experiment and hope you will join in.

  • Once you've done the research, you'll create sharp and concise reports full of actionable findings. Your reports will be things of beauty that will inspire your colleagues to truly start seeing through the eyes of our customers.

  • UX is a pretty established discipline here at DBS, but we can always use help to evangelise the importance of good UX Research, and how, just because it has the word 'research' in it, it doesn't take months!

Here are the experience and skills we'd love you to have

  • You have 5 to 8 years of relevant experience.

  • You've had hands-on involvement with an end-to-end research process.

  • You have a working knowledge of qualitative and quantitative data analyses, usability testing, eye tracking, card sorting, survey evaluation, A/B and multivariate testing and heuristic evaluations.

  • You can filter out noise to uncover actionable insights. In our experience, people who are organised, methodical and analytical are very good at this.

  • You are an eloquent public speaker and an accomplished report-writer.

  • You are an empathic human being with interest in psychology, anthropology, human-computer interaction, cognitive science and business.


  • You have experience in the fintech industry.

  • You have service design experience.

  • You've been a designer yourself (or have some design experience). We find that it really helps when working with designers.

  • You are a 'best practice junkie' and have a treasure trove of usability research around the best design pattern to use.

  • You're kind of a behavioural science geek.

Your team and career

You will belong to two families: the Institutional Banking Group UX Design team and Research & Insights team. You will report to the IBG research lead, and work very closely with people from Research & Insights. You will own user research for one of IBG's key products.

About DBS

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We were named the Best Bank in the World by Global Finance in August 2018—the first Singapore and Asian bank to receive this honour.

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