SA/AVP, Localisation & Content Management Specialist — Consumer Banking Group

What you'll be doing

You will collaborate closely with developers, UX designers, content designers, business owners, and quality assurance team to make sure the content DBS customers see on our apps is up to date and translated. This is a great role for anyone interested in learning about digital product design and development.

Here's what your week might look like

  • Your day-to-day work will be supporting various country product teams—onboarding signed-off UX design screens to our translation management tool and checking in with translators to make sure work is on track.
    • We don't expect you to be a writer or a translator yourself. If you can read Simplified and Traditional Chinese, that's great! But not absolutely necessary.

  • To keep up with the various projects you are supporting, you will attend sprint planning meetings and retrospectives.

  • Sometimes, there will be bugs. Not the flying, itchy kind, but the kind that causes apps to malfunction. When those bugs are related to content our users see, you will work with the team to get them sorted out.
    • Don't worry, you don't need to be a developer. This is not a technical role. It's about project management. What matters is that you are cool with learning to use new tools and interested in digital product development and UX design.

  • Digital products don't stand still. What was good yesterday is not good enough today. So we constantly keep improving our apps. Part of that is to update the content our customers see, and we need your help with that. You will project manage the content update release process to make sure stuff goes out on time and as it was intended!

  • Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we want you to keep suggesting ways to improve our localisation and content management workflow. Ideas on how to reduce bugs, measure the effectiveness of the workflow and automate things will also be much appreciated.

  • Improving processes that involve many teams, such as this one, is not an easy thing. So we need someone like you—someone with a clear, methodical, analytical mind and the calm efficiency of a Swiss watch!

Here are the experience and skills we'd love you to have

  • This role is not the common garden variety kind. It is a new kind of role, so we are open to people from different backgrounds and experiences.

  • What matters is that you are interested in UX design and digital product development.

  • Experience working with developers and UX designers will come in handy.

  • You have patience for methodical work but, at the same time, your analytical mind is always looking for ways to improve processes.

  • You are not one to follow a broken process just because someone told you to. You have the empathy and emotional intelligence to dig deep and understand why a process or a team is not working as well as it should. And you love finding ways to fix it.


  • Your parents said they are saving for an MBA. You told them to give you the money to fund your latest app idea instead.

  • You can read Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

  • You have personal pet projects you work on for fun in your free time.

  • You know what Figma, Github, Lokalise and agile development are.

Your team and career

This role sits within the Design Standards team, and is based in Singapore. The Design Standards team creates our design language system and defines and steers the way we design digital services at DBS. The team covers eight countries, Consumer and Corporate banking, and Middle Office Management group (internal tools).

About DBS

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